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Snap on Dentures are dentures supported by Mini-Implants or full body Implants. While normal denture or traditional dentures rest on the gum, it is not supported by implants and tends to fit less firmly.

The snap on dentures, MDI supported dentures, fixed hybrid implant dentures can be remove and place easily. Although some people prefer to have a permanent bridgework done dentures are a great alternative.

How do Snap-on dentures work?

There are two types of denture with the snap-on effect. Bar retained and ball retained. Either will be made from acrylic base and acrylic or porcelain teeth that will look natural.

What are Mini-Implants?

Mini implants (MDI) are small titanium screw that are designed to be placed on your jaw bone. They act like regular Implants but are not as invasive as regular implants.

How long does it take to get Snap on dentures?

The procedure can be completed in just 7 days, or in two days if you want to continue using your current dentures.

How much do Snap on dentures cost?

The cost is usually directly related to the number of implant s placed each mini implant has a cost of 450$ USD, and the dentures with 0-rings have a cost of 900$. Contact us for more information and promotions.


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