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I was there Jan. 2015 and ...

By:  Kathy Thompson (Contant) | KIRKLAND ,Canada

I was there Jan. 2015 and had my entire mouth remodeled with veneers, Dr. Irma was fabulous. The procedure was done efficiently and painless and much cheaper than I would have paid in Canada.
Every time I visit my regular dentist in Montreal I am told the the work was well done which is a credit to the team at CDS by Ocean Dental.

Absolutely fabulous!!!! C...

By:  judith fill | Manistee ,United States

Absolutely fabulous!!!! Can’t thank Dr. Irma and Team enough about the terrific care we received on our recent visit to CDS – total professionalism from initial call to completion of dental work. We will definitely be back again and highly recommend this clinic to anyone in need of dental work!
Larry and Judy Fill – Michigan! Go Blue, Dr. Irma!!!!

While on vacation last yea...


While on vacation last year, a friend recommended that I contact Dr. Irma at Ocean Dental to determine what would be involved to have 3 crowns done during our one week stay in Cancun. We walked to the office from our villa at the Royal Sands on a Monday evening. The office staff was very accommodating and set an appt. for the following morning at 9:00 am, with a driver to pick me up at the front door. After examination and agreement on cost, Dr. Irma would do a full evaluation and the procedure would take place at 2:00 p.m. I planned to have all 3 crowns done at once, if possible. My husband and I arrived around 9:15 and again the staff was very friendly and helpful in answering all my questions. After a very short wait, I was taken to a room with state of the art equipment and Dr. Irma was there to greet me. We had a nice conversation where she explained her very extensive dental background and credentials. I felt very comfortable and decided to proceed with the evaluation ($60.00) which would be included in the cost of the procedures, if I decided to have the work done. The cost of the crowns was exactly 1/3 of what I would have paid in the states. Following the evaluation and consent to start the work, instead of waiting until 2:00 p.m., Dr. Irma rearranged her schedule and started soon thereafter. She finished in roughly 3 hours, and I was ready to go have lunch with my husband and friends. I was very pleased with everything that had been accomplished and made the follow -up appt to receive the permanent crowns on Thursday, before leaving Cancun on Friday. The follow-up appt. went just as well as the first, and lasted about an 90 minutes, after which my group had lunch and went on a high speed boat ride. I had no issues or pain with any of the crowns until Thursday night when they began to feel a bit uneven while eating dinner. I went back to the office Friday am without an appt. asked for assistance and was again assured I would be helped, if I could wait. Of course, I waited and within 10 minutes I was ushered to another room where a dental assistant ground down the crowns until I was satisfied with the results. We left for home later that night which was nearly a year ago. Since that time, I have been back to my dentist and have had no problems with any of the crowns. I would highly recommend Dr. Irma and her staff to anyone looking for excellent dental work, professional staff and amazing customer service throughout the process. In fact, we are returning to Cancun next month, and my husband already has an appt. for a crown and some bonding work.
Thanks again Dr. Irma and Ocean Dental for such a positive experience, given un pleasant circumstances. Any dental work is no fun.
Ann Spang
Fort Myers, Florida

Hi, I had all my work done...

By:  John and Hannah | Ottawa ,Canada

Hi, I had all my work done in 7 days. I had root canals ,a crown and two bone graphs as well as a cleaning. They picked us up at the air port and took us to our hotel. The first day they picked us up and took us to our appointments. they proceeded to take xrays and molds of our teeth. Then for the next week they picked us up each day and dropped us off. it was great.HAZZEL FREE AND A LOT LESS THAN IN canada. Thankyou and well be back next year for our implants!!!

I went to CDS by Ocean Den...


I went to CDS by Ocean Dental in February 2019. I had nine crowns done in less than a week. Dr. Irma and her team working on me were able to save 2 teeth that my USA dentist wanted to pull.
So far, so good. They look awesome. My dentist in the USA said they did very good work.
Unfortunately I broke my back while in Cancun and had to cut my trip short If I can get my nerve pain settled down I plan another visit in February 2020 to get two bridges done. If you have dental needs I am telling you that you can trust that Dr. Irma and her team do excellent work. They have even called me a couple of times to see how I am doing with my broken back. Love Them.

I personally love this cli...

By:  Anatoliy Dyagilev | Ralegh ,US

I personally love this clinic very much some specialists are awesome, but not all suddenly and most disappointing in clinic it is a doctors assistants they definitely have no clue what they doing here, so many times I catching them sticking some tools in my throat and seen a doctors disappointment because those assistants have no idea what to do. Every time I coming they have a new assistant and everything starting over doctor teaching assistant what they have to do, Likely we got the results we want. Thanks to everybody who was involved! Big and special thanks to Irma Gavaldon who make it happen!!! Thanks to Maggy and all Doctors who works hard to make us happy!!! I wish them Good Luke and more customers. I really hope my review will helping them become better and improve that business.

This is my second visit to...

By:  Mrs. Ayala | Ft. Lauderdale ,USA

This is my second visit to Ocean Dental Cancun. I consider Dr. Irma Gavaldon a great dentist. I can tell she loves her job and it shows. The whole staff is very professional. As soon as I walked in I knew I was in great hands.

Incredible experience, I c...

By:  Mr. Stromberg | Minneapolis  ,USA

Incredible experience, I cannot say enough about how great Ocean Dental Cancun is! I was on vacation in Cancun, and on day 1, one of my porcelain veneers popped off. I am on vacation and plan to be smiling a lot so I was very concerned about the big missing tooth!
I googled dentists in Cancun and immediately found Ocean Dental Cancun wihich has a lot of good reviews! I also liked that their dentist had USA certifications. I texted their emergency number on Sunday at noon and immediately got a response. I told them my situation and they set up an appointment that same day at 5pm, this is Sunday night with only 5 hours notice! Wow! Already off to a great start! I got in and was immediately met by an advisor who I must say was absolutely incredible! I don’t speak Spanish and the dentist did so the Advisor did a great job translating and telling me my options. They got me in and were able to make a bad situation into a great one! They fixed my tooth and I now can enjoy the rest of my vacation smiling! During the entire procedure the advisor would tell me along the way that the dentist was doing so I wasn’t worried about anything, my own dentist doesn’t even do that! And then to top it all off the price was amazing, much less expensive than I expected and on top of that the advisor also offered me and my wife a ride back to our hotel! This service was incredible! They did a perfect job based on my situation and all at a great price and no hassles! I will be telling everyone I can about this place and I am even going to look into getting all of my veneers replaced here on a future visit! Thank you so much Ocean Dental!!!! Top Notch Service!

I recently went to Ocean D...

By:  Ro Yale | Houston ,US

I recently went to Ocean Dental. I had 2 root canals, 4 crowns, 2 imbutments with crowns and 1 surgical extraction. I was really happy with my treatment. Everything from picking me up at the airport to taking me to every appointment and back to the airport. These great people did in 3 days what would have taken 2 months to do in the states at about a third the price. I’ll definetely go back. and have been telling many of my friends about Ocean Dental. The hardest part of the trip was having to lay in the sun on a beautiful beach between appointments…lol Even with last minute air fair and hotel for 5 days I still came out at about 1/3rd the cost of US. There are no surprise expenses or add ons. Thanks again Ocean Dental!

Please allow me to say tha...

By:  Jim V. | Mansfield, MA ,USA

Please allow me to say that my experience with Ocean Dental, Dra Estrada, Salomon, Richard, and Dra Gavaldon was truly fantastic. All of the dental professionals were thorough, direct, and committed to completing the project with outstanding results. I also want to thank all of the courtesy professionals for their assistance throughout the process.


I can not say in words how...

By:  Anne Catherine Kuronyi | Pennsylvania ,USA

I can not say in words how AMAZING of an experience I had. I needed a lot of work. 2 root canals, 6 crowns with some posts, and 2 apicoectomies (dental surgeries). I have never had an apicoctomy and was so scared, i started crying in the chair. The surgeon was so nice, so gentle as was her associate. Everything about this place is amazing, from the cost savings to the US, the top rate equipment, they taxi you to/from airport and your hotel (huge savings) and there are no BS charges. If something comes up after your treatment plan is decided the financial planner comes in, goes over the cost, and its done. There is no waiting for appointments because they have all the specialists on site. AND they have a lab that works 24 hours a day making the crowns etc. Honestly, I am considering flying here 1x per year for my routine checkup. Much of the work I needed was because things were missed in my checkups in the US (I have moved a few times so have seen various dentists). In the US the cost is around $250 and they always find something they need to fix, which is waiting 6 weeks and then another $200. For $250 I can fly here, pay $60 and have a checkup and a quick vacay. Also if you are lucky enough to have insurance they can work with you on that as well. Honestly stop reading reviews and book, you will not be disappointed!

David Lambarri was very pa...

By:  Jane | Vancouver ,Canada

David Lambarri was very patient with my many concerns and questions. He answered each question thoroughly and made us feel reassured about the procedure, process, and people involved in our appointments. Everyone at the clinic was friendly but there was a few scheduling miscommunications – just make sure to call in ahead of time and confirm. Other than that, the procedures were done well and one of the doctors even stayed late to finish my daughter’s appointment. Aftercare information was clear and the prices were itemized neatly. There was no hidden fees or charges. The driver pickup and dropoff service was very convenient and made traveling to and from the clinic a breeze.

Once again, can't tell you...

By:  Kay Melvin | San Antonio ,USA

Once again, can’t tell you ALL how pleased I am with my new smile … people ask about my experience all the time and can’t believe I travel to Cancun on my own for dental work. Hopefully will get my daughter in this summer!!!

I have been to Ocean Denta...

By:  James TerHark | Rockford ,USA

I have been to Ocean Dental several times to get work done. Root canal, implant, crowns. They are fabulous. Great friendly English speaking staff. Clean modern facility. AWESOME prices! 1/3 of what my local dentist was going to charge me. I highly recommend Ocean Dental.

I had that all on 4 proced...

By:  Tracy Hart | Las Vegas Nevada ,United States

I had that all on 4 procedure done in January/February 2018. I have never been so pleased with the dentist both with the outcome and the pricing as I have with Ocean Dental. They completed both the upper and lower arches and my smile is just incredible.
I’ve never seen a dentist work so hard and relentless to give me the perfect smile.

Thank you very much Ocean Dental, your staff and your incredible Dentist and Assistant

Tracy Hart
Las Vegas Nevada

Can't say enough about Oce...

By:  Mark Low | woodland hills ,USA

Can’t say enough about Ocean Dental Cancun!
My treatment started on May 3, 2018 and I was finished by May 10. I have waited until now, June 25th to write this review, wanted to wait and see how the work they preformed settled in. Wow everything is doing GREAT. The clinics are state of the art, they have equipment I had never seen before. The people there are top notch DR. Hugo Mora, Dra. Nora and Dr. Javier are the best. I had a four tooth bridge, top right rear done with two crowns and two floaters in the center, fit perfect then and now. I had one extraction for the bridge, two more crowns on the other side, cleaning and a couple of fillings changed. Could not be more happy with the work they did. The cost, well you can take a two week vacation and have all this work done for much less than you would pay in the USA just for the dental work. I will return soon for more treatment and have highly recommended Ocean Dental to family and friends!!
All the staff where very friendly and so helpful,
This experience has given me a new outlook on going to the dentist, LOL
thank you all

Ocean dental Cancun is ver...

By:  Gary S | Boynton Beach Florida ,USA

Ocean dental Cancun is very professional the best everyone was courteous polite the work Was outstanding do not hesitate to get work done here I met Dr Gavaldon she is Very nice and very professional there are so many people to thank here are a few starting with intake personnel Greg David also Andy the front desk Diana And Dr. RoffeL who did the work on me was excellent. Also after the work was complete Kelly called to see how everything is . They were also many other employees to think I appreciate all of them.

I was a little hesitant to...

By:  Carrie Johnson |  ,United States

I was a little hesitant to have dental work done in Mexico and my friends called me crazy but a 2 weeks before I was to be in Cancun I broke a tooth and needed a crown. I had remembered talking to a lady on a plane bond for Mexico, a year earlier, who said her and her husband use dental services in Mexico all the time. I starting researching online and looked at reviews and finally contacted Ocean Dental Cancun. They responded immediately. They answered all my questions and quoted me prices for what I requested and also quoted prices if I needed more done. I had thought I only needed a crown but end up needing a crown and a root canal. Not a surprise since my US dentist said that could happen. There were no hidden costs. Everyone was professional. Everything was sterile and clean, a big factor for me. They picked me up from my hotel, even though I was 40 mins away and brought me back to the hotel. I would use their services again and again but hoping I don’t need to.

I really liked the service...

By:  Hany Gabra | Pleasanton ,USA

I really liked the service, and the team work. All the staff was great. I recommend them for you too. They are very professional & efficient. For sure i will be back to always do my dental work there. Thank you ….

The idea of traveling to C...

By:  Denis Greenidge | West Palm Beach, Flo, , United States

The idea of traveling to Cancun for dental work, was not remotely close on my list of dental options. My dental visits in Florida were the standard stuff, but the real need (implants) was seldom addressed because the price quoted was — a very nice condo. Searching the internet for dental services across bordering States (Georgia, South Carolina, Tennessee, Alabama) I ran across an ad for “Dental Departures.” I made contact and was introduced to the Ocean Dental coordinating person. I remained hesitant … even though the cost was significantly lower and more affordable. Nevertheless, cautiously proceeded, and made all the arrangements; sent xrays and established communications (email and telephone) with the coordinator. It was the willingness of Ocean Dental coordinator to answer my questions openly that altered (not changed) the hesitancy through this channel of communications. I started researching some of the reviews of those who had dental services performed there and moved closer to making a decision. My decision was ultimately made because of the demonstrated caring through something as simple as the detailed arrangement for my arrival. Anyone who cared enough to ensure that my getting from the airport to the hotel, and pickup from the hotel to appointments, must also be genuinely caring professionals. That assessment turned out to be accurate and I am a completely happy patient. Ocean Dental staff is more that dental professionals, but people committed to excellence; they function like a family and that makes the difference. Sitting in the waiting room watching the interactions between patients to patients and staff and patients convey the idea that it is not just a business, but a people’s business. That is what Ocean Dental represents. My genuine pleasure to write this review.

In June 2016 I went to Oce...

By:  Inna Ioffe | TX , USA

In June 2016 I went to Ocean Dental Cancun to get a lot of major dental work done. It has been a good experience so far. The office is very organized, friendly personal,equipped with new high tech equipment, and most important very knowledgeable stuff under supervision Dr. Irma Gavaldon. They worked together and consulted with each to ensure they determine the best treatment plan for me especially given the short time frame of my trip. I am hoping to be just as pleased and impressed when I go back later in the year to complete the remainder of my treatment.

Like many first timers to ...

By:   Scott Caldwell | Seattle ,USA

Like many first timers to the idea of travelling to Mexico for dental work I was nervous, skeptical, and worried that I was making a huge mistake. It is now two weeks since my first appointment, I’m back home in the states and all I can say is “THANK GOD I DID IT!” This was the single most positive dental experience I have ever had! I needed a bridge replaced (the original one put in by an American dentist fell apart after 7 years) and in the end I needed a root canal on one of the teeth. The cost here in the states was quoted to me at around $6100. My final bill, which I paid happily, was $1575. Now, I was in a pickle as I had a broken bridge so getting it fixed was a must do. The difference between what I would have paid, sitting on the couch in my apartment pissed off at the outrageous cost of US dental work and what I actually paid in Cancun covered not only the flight from Seattle but 7 days at a luxury all-inclusive resort for my whole family. We had a great time and I will never forget the super nice people I met at CDS. Thank you! I will be back!

I had my first visit Janua...

By:  Aaron Olsen | New Hampshire ,USA

I had my first visit January 2016 and after the implants healed I had the rest of the work completed in May 2016. This is my second review. I wanted to follow up with a more detailed report and express my gratitude to Dr. Irma Gavaldon, Ocean Dental and the entire staff of Cancun Dental Specialists. It’s been years since I’ve been able to chew food without being in pain either from a bad tooth or biting my cheeks or tongue. The biting of the cheeks or tongue is something that’s been an everyday, multiple times per day occurrence ever since I can remember. Since my work has been completed and my bite has been corrected I haven’t bitten cheeks or tongue a single time; not once. That alone is such a relief. In total, I had 2 extractions, 4 implants, 2 root canals, 2 bone grafts and 18 crowns placed. The chewing teeth are zirconium and the front teeth are Emax porcelain. The team at Cancun Dental Specialists did an outstanding job and I couldn’t be more pleased with how everything turned out. I can eat with confidence, they look like real teeth and have never felt or looked better. Period. I was there 10 days each visit and now I’m done. It’s worth noting that they provide transportation from and back to the airport and for all the dental appointments FREE of charge. Everyone there has an area of specialty and they all work together as a team. The atmosphere is so friendly, welcoming and professional; from the office to the drivers to the front desk to the gifted dental staff. If I had this done in the US it would have cost $40,000 where I live. $40,000 was simply out of reach for me. At Cancun Dental Specialists I paid just over $12,000 for a savings of 70%. You will love Cancun. It is PARADISE!! Thank you Dr. Irma Gavaldon and your wonderful team at Cancun Dental Specialists. You have made my life better. Aaron New Hampshire, USA YouTube Review:

We had a very positive exp...

By:  Rachel Anderson |  Dickinson ,United states

We had a very positive experience at Cancun dental specialist! Everyone was very nice and inviting to us. We felt safe and the dental work that was done looks great, we also saved thousands of dollars versus getting the work done in the states. We will be back! Thank you 🙂

Hola buenas tardes, les qu...

By:  Nicolas Lorio | junin ,argentina

Hola buenas tardes, les quería comentar que hace unos días atrás en mayo estuve en Cancún, y lamentablemente, hubiese querido realmente no tener que recurrir a ningún centro médico, puedo decir que desde el primero hasta el último nos atendieron de 10 !!, desde la secretaria hasta la supervisora, comentario a parte del Dr Guillermo y su ayudante, la verdad que fui con mucho dolor y muchos nervios, por no estar en mi país y con todo lo que eso significa, pero el Dr de un principio me hizo sentir cómodo, y la verdad que tanto profesional como personalmente es un genio. Se movieron rápidamente para contactar con mi seguro al viajero, para aprobarme el tratamiento. Me llevo un mal recuerdo (por dolor en mis tan deseadas vacaciones) y muy bueno por haber tenido la suerte de que me atienda Guillermo saludos. Nicolas.

Irma and her staff were ve...

By:  Brian Burgess | Wichita ,USA

Irma and her staff were very professional in the way they presented treatment options and in the way they executed the plan we proceeded with. The clinic was immaculate and probably cleaner than most practices in the states. I would recommend her and her clinic to anyone interested in quality dentistry at a very affordable price, made even better since the work was combined with a relaxing holiday. I had five zirconium crowns done with no discomfort at all. Thanks to you and your staff Irma! Brian

I'm a HUGE fan of Ocean De...

By:   Katherine Jensen  |  Port Townsend, WA , United States

I’m a HUGE fan of Ocean Dental!!! High, high standards, extremely professional staff, and great care. Two trips, and five visits later, I love telling friends that my dentist is in Cancun, and then flashing them the beautiful smile that Dr. Gavaldon and the staff made possible. Katherine Jensen, Port Townsend, Washington, USA

This was my third visit to...

By:  Melanie Dunn  | Sorrento ,Canada

This was my third visit to Ocean Dental. I have had an implant, root canal, extraction, cleaning, and check up. the dental equipment was extremely modern, like none I’ve seen in Canada. There are even spa lights on the ceiling above your dental chair to ease anxiety.. The staff are amazing, very professional and friendly. It is a happy atmosphere. My dental work is beautiful, I am so pleased with my smile. The first time I visited Ocean dental, I came from Canada as a lone female. I stayed in cancun ( the dental office will assist you with accommodations if necessary). I felt safe and secure. The drivers are always on time to pick you up from your hotel, and take you back. They also provide airport transportation. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Ocean dental. On top of it all, I was able to have my dental work done, stay in beautiful cancun for less than I would pay for just the dental work alone in Canada. Thank you to all the staff, see you in November.

I want to say how pleased ...

By:  Betty L Gillespie  | Daphne ,United States

I want to say how pleased my husband and I were to have our dental treatment at Ocean Dental in Cancun Mexico. Everyone was so wonderful to us. Maggi was our co-ordinator and she answered all my questions about going to Mexico for treatment. From the moment we walked in to the clinic I felt at ease, knowing we had made the right decision. The office is just beautiful and clean and professional. The staff was friendly and we were so happy to be there. There is so much we can say about our experiences there . The most important is how quickly every thing was done and how happy we were with being there. We had so much done in just a few days that would have taken months here in the United states. In the waiting room I heard a few complaints of how “their appointment had been pushed back and they had been waiting an hour or so.” Well I say, ‘remember you chose Mexico for a reason. It saves you money and you get more done in a few days than in 6 months or more at home. So be patient. Be kind and remember they are working very hard to have you ready to leave and catch your plane home .’ Everyone was wonderful to us and in all my life of having dental work, I have never seen dentist work so hard or so long hours to please their patients. From the drivers that picked us up from the airport on arrival, and for every appointment we had till the day we left to go home, everyone was wonderful. I never thought I would ever say I was sad to leave my dentist office. I will be glad to talk with anyone that wants to hear more about our time there and what we had done, and I will be going back in September to finish my treatment. My husband will also be glad to tell about his treatments, as well. He was skeptical at first, and was just totally impressed with what they did for him in two days. Thank you everyone at Ocean Dental for everything you did for us. You are awesome!

I wouldn't hesitate to hig...

By:  Barbara Afkhami | Sabillasville  ,us

I wouldn’t hesitate to highly recommend Dr Irma and her highly trained staff. The level of care and facilities are outstanding. I had to veneers, a bone graft and two implants placed in 2 days. They were fast efficient and never compromised quality or care. When you leave you want to give everyone a hug because they’ve made you feel like your part of their family. Enjoy a beautiful Cancun vacation with the money you save. I look forward to returning in 6 months and seeing my new friends and finishing my work. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

I want to thank Ocean Dent...

By:   Hugo Musa |  Calgary , Canada

I want to thank Ocean Dental for the great services I had received last week.After seeing several dentists in Calgary Ab. I found out I needed 26 extractions and dentures .Then the real shock, $10,000.00 + dollars. I had a friend say go to Cancun Mexico. I started looking into this and after many hours of research I had decided on Ocean Dental. But still being nervous I had to decided to have my dentures done at home which in retrospect was a bad idea (not in a bad way my Denturist is fantastic and did a great job, as I wanted to make sure I had after care at home) To make a long story short after a few days enjoying Cancun my appointment day was coming up and I was scared/nervous if I had made the right decision. After their driver picked me up from my hotel and brought me to their office I encountered a waiting room of Canadians and Americans who either were starting their procedures or just ending them. After talking to many of them all my stress went out of the window from what they told me. I remember talking to a women who lived 45 minutes from home that had implants done and was just getting her new teeth put in and let me tell you they were fantastic. My turn in. All the equipment was modern clean just like my local dentist even better I thought , very professional staff completed my procedure I felt great they explained to me what I needed to do as if I were at home drove me back to my hotel. I tend to be long winded but I am already booking my next trip for implants and probably saving $25,000 + dollars and knowing that the work I will receive be top quality. Again thank you very much for all your work and look forward to see you in the next few months. Great job!!!

I am in Cancun now having ...

By:  stephen hanbury  | Orlando ,United States

I am in Cancun now having treatment, and so far everything is as good as a trip the dentist can be. My shuttle provided by Ocean Dental from the airport was on time, and one of their drivers has collected me from the hotel to take me to to surgery each time and delivered me back to the hotel afterwards. The dental office found my keys and kept them safe for me when I misplaced the on a surgery visit – excellent service. My treatment here is to remove one infected molar and one sideways-growing molar, add implants in the top of my mouth to give me better bite. I had 2 extractions, 2 bone grafts and one implant base done yesterday, and feel 90% back to normal today. I’m back at the surgery tomorrow so they can check their work. I will need either 1 or 2 more visits to complete the work. I don’t speak any Spanish, but there are enough English speakers at the surgery that I always feel I can make myself understood. The waiting room at the surgery has been very busy, sometimes more people than chairs, but I think I would be more worried if it was empty! Speaking to others in the waiting room, many of whom are repeat patients or have been personally referred by other patients, gives you a sence of confidence in the business. It’s inconvenient being away from family and work, but Cancun is a nice place, and dentist prices are half that of Orlando.

I wanted to have an implan...

By:  Richard Pullen |  West Palm Beach ,USA

I wanted to have an implant rather than the bridge my dentist suggested. The problem was a bone defect that required an oral surgeon and I could not afford the quoted fee. I chose Cancun due to it being so close to South Florida where I live and the price quoted for having this procedure done there. I am so very glad I went there.The facility is state of the art, the staff is very professional and pleasant. I have to return in May or June for the abutment and crowns. The amount I shall save on the abutment alone will pay for the flight. My wife shall be returning with me. She, too, needs dental work. The more dental work a person requires the greater will be their percentage of savings. Get your best quote from your local dentist and give them a call. I believe you shall be in for a surprise. There is no reason for a person to lose their teeth if they can afford a small percentage of what the fee would be at home. When you get there say hello for me to Maggi and Drs. Irma and Omar

I'm extremely happy with t...

By:  Agustin Carvaja |  Monroe ,United States

I’m extremely happy with the great services. The entire office is full of professionals from the beginning to the end. My crown had never felt and looked so amazing. I recommend 110%.

I had an amazing experienc...

By:  Pamela López | Cancun ,Mexico

I had an amazing experience when I visit the clinic to get removed all of my wisdom teeth a month ago and seriously, I can not be more delighted with all the work that the people from the clinic and specially Dr. Omar Lugo and his assistant did. Even though I was really nervous and one of the teeth was really close to the nerve, everything went by very smoothly because of the high efficiency of everybody. You can feel that it is a very organized place and they know for sure what they are doing. I’m really happy with my results and with the empathy of everybody.

I just wanted to say a few...

By:  Aaron Moody |  ,US

I just wanted to say a few kind words about the wonderful team at Cancun Dental Specialists. I spent 10 days in January 2016 getting the first half of my much needed dental work done. I will hopefully go back at the end of May to finish. So far, I’ve had a root canal which was painless; 2 extractions and 4 implants placed. This would be completely out of my financial reach in the states. Also, no dentist here in the states will come to my home, pick me up for my appointments then drive me back home when I’m done. In January, when the northeast corner of the US is dark and cold, Cancun is a warm and sunny paradise. I can’t wait to come back and have my 19 crowns placed and give an even better review! Thank you 🙂

The clinic was really help...

By:  Daniel Baker  | Bristol , United Kingdom

The clinic was really helpful when I had to have an emergency root canal whilst I was travelling in Mexico. They explained everything to me and even gave me a more bugetted treatment to help me save money. They were all super friendly and I would recommend them 100%.


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