What to know about placing Implants after extractions

March 1, 2016 Cesar Sosa

What to know about placing Implants after extractions

How Long Can I Wait Before Getting a Dental Implant?

 I need to extract a tooth as soon as possible due to infection. I would like to know how long I can wait to get an implant. I need to extract the tooth and have a bone graft done since I have some bone loss. How long can I wait for the implant? I was told I can get it as soon as 4-6 months. However, I would like to wait a little longer (as long as possible) so that I can save up enough to get the actual implant done. I do not want to have bone loss occur and then have to go through it again.

Regarding placing an implant in an infected site, we would have to clear the infection before placing the implant or else you run the risk of your implant becoming infected and losing your investment. In some cases, we are able to reduce the infection with antibiotics and then after the extraction rid the site of any possible infection that may still be present. If it is possible to remove the infection then we may be able to place the implant immediately after, if the surgeon feels that this is too risky we would wait, prescribe a course of antibiotic and then have you return for the implant placement once the infection has cleared. Other factors that relate to implants post extraction is the level of good bone available to place the implant, normally bone grafting is needed after extractions and or sinus lifting if the tooth in question is in the area of your sinus.

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