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Walt Olson | Walt Olson | Seatle, U.S.A. Dec 22, 2011

Walt Olson | Seatle, U.S.A. Dec 22, 2011 Im a retired Police officer from Seattle area. I had two crowns installed, Very Nice office and caring staff. They even picked us up from my resort and return us, twice! with out any problems or conflict. I now have 2 beautiful new teeth and the savings I have paid for 1/2 of my trip here. Work was fast and perfect, just like home! I will come back for future dental work.

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Dental Implants in Mexico | Ocean Dental Cancun

 A very effective treatment for the replacement of teeth is the placement of dental implants in Mexico, know more about this treatment here. Dental Implants in Mexico | Ocean Dental Cancun Dental implants are a very effective treatment that durably replaces missing teeth in our mouth. Implants are long-term substitutes of the denture that is in charge of an oral and maxillofacial surgeon, they perform the dental procedure by surgically placing the implant in the maxillary bones. The result of this surgery is a completely new denture that will have the same functions as a natural denture. Implants are a very effective dental procedure and long lasting way of replacing missing teeth. While cost tends to be higher than other traditional forms of teeth restoration like bridges and dentures, having your dental implants here in Cancun Mexico tends to be about the same cost of dentures in the ...

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