Snap on Denture | Dwayne Swicegood Testimonial

snap on denture

Treatment of Snap on Denture is very common among patients who have a total loss of their teeth. We will talk a little more about this method and look at the case of our patient Dwayne Swicegood.

Snap on Denture | Dwayne Swicegood Testimonial

Snap on Denture

This treatment is mostly done with patients who have had the total loss of their teeth or most of them. If there are dental pieces, they are removed with local anesthesia in order to place the prosthesis.

To place the Snap on Denture uses the technology of the mini implants. These mini implants are placed in the gums bass bone, this is the main and the first step. Subsequently the next day a test denture is made where we will ensure that it fits perfectly to the patient’s mouth.

The implants are made of a material called titanium, this is to have maximum compatibility with our body. The screws are placed to have a better and larger denture adaptable to the patient’s mouth.

With the denture snap on you can have a fixed restoration that will be able to have maintenance by yourself. This type of treatment will make periodic visits to the dentist decrease, will not be as continuous as in an all on 4 procedure or total restoration of the denture.

Snap on Denture

The Snap on Denture is made of highly resistant materials, which can help you ingest any food without worrying about the fall or breakage of the dentures.

The Snap on Denture is the ideal treatment for fully edentulous patients. By combining the entire chewing surface and the affordability of the denture with the durability and convenience of the implant, you can feel attractive and confident about your smile.

This is the case of our patient Dwayne, who was given a superior Snap on Denture. Listen to your experience by visiting our clinic and see the results.


At Ocean Dental Cancun we have the right equipment and professional doctors who will be in charge of your treatment. Previously an assessment of your case is made to find out if you are a candidate for this type of treatment.

Restore your smile, re-trust yourself and your smile!!

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  1. Laurie J Presler 2 years ago

    Hello,My name is Laurie Presler 56 years old I have upper denture I do not have bottom denture but iam missing all but 6 teeth on bottom. The teeth that I still have are the bottom front teeth. I would like to know if those teeth could be saved they are in good shape,or would i have to have bottom dentures as well? Im planning on getting this work done late spring early summer. I live in Michigan U.S.A
    I really like your website so much info on work and price.

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