Snap on Denture Cares

September 1, 2017
September 1, 2017 Cesar Sosa

Snap on Denture Cares

The care of the Snap on Denture is very important from the first day, so here we leave some tips that will be useful

Day 1 with Snap on Denture:

Day one is the beginning of the relationship with your new companion snap denture, try to eat small and soft things, as time goes by and you gain confidence test meals that require a little more effort to ingest them. As it is your first day it is recommended to use adhesive paste both to hold and to avoid food remains between gums and the snap denture

Here are some tips for snap on denture care:

  • Extraction:

For easy extraction it is recommended to soften it with warm water or with a preferable rinse without alcohol, given this step remember that if you had adhesive this is being removed be careful you do not drop some part, place your thumb in the back of the teeth and press upwards as well as outwards nose direction and for the bottom just move from side to side pulling out

  • Brushed:

Brushing is essential in both denture care and your gums. For complete dentures brush normal if partial to wash even the remaining teeth. Use toothpaste to your liking but always use soft brushes.

  • Soaking:

This step will make you known by movies or animated series but it is very important as it is a deeper cleaning removes both stains and bacteria causing bad breath and gum swelling

  • Rinse:

The last but not least step is to rinse your teeth with cool water and dry them carefully.

snap on denture

Day 2-29:

Your mouth is adapting to the new denture, you will notice that you produce more saliva, which will be something normal try to have the dentures in as long as possible unless the dentist has told you or put a restriction. Remember to use sticky creams for extra grip on both sides, it will help you to vocal well and not feel like you are moving or dancing at the moment of conversation

3 Months +:

In this period you will be comfortable with the denture there will be a breakthrough as well as in the care of the same. It is recommended to go to your dentist regularly to take control and see how it evolves as it remembers the shape of the mouth is changing throughout life.


How did you like these tips if you have some leave in the comments, share your acquaintances can be of great help.

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