March 1, 2016 Cesar Sosa

See why CANCUN is becoming THE #1 DESTINATION for dental tourists!

Dental Tourism

Fuelled by a lack of insurance coverage for dental treatments combined with the high-cost of procedures, dental tourism is a rapidly growing industry. When comparing the cost of dental in North America with countries such as Costa Rica or Mexico, the difference is astounding—many dental treatments can be received with dental tourism in Mexico for as much as 80% off North American prices.

Dental Tourism in Mexico is gaining recognition for affordable and high quality dental treatment

As one of the top tourist destinations in the world, Cancun has long been popular with travellers looking for plenty of sun, sand, and relaxation. More recently, Cancun has been gaining recognition as a top-choice for dental tourists. The large influx of travellers from the U.S and Canada has resulted in the “Americanization” of Cancun, and the same can be said for its dental care. Although the price of dental treatment in Cancun is substantially less than in the United States and Canada, the standard of care and expertise of dental practitioners are equal to if not greater than those in North America.

Cancun also has the benefit of a highly-efficient dental system. Whereas in North America, considerable amount of time is spent going back and forth between dentists and specialists with multiple appointments and lengthy wait-times, in Cancun treatment is optimized with everything required for treatment under one roof. Instead of wasting time flipping through magazines in a waiting-room, patients can either return home quickly or spend more time sightseeing and on the beach with dental tourism in Mexico.

Dental Vacation Center is an excellent choice for dental tourism in Mexico

It is important to remember that, like anywhere in the world, Cancun has a mixture of both good and not-so-good dentists. It is highly recommended that patients seek professional advice when selecting a clinic. Reputable medical tourism companies such as Dental Vacation Center are an excellent resource for dental tourism in Mexico to avoid compromising quality of treatment for price. As a division of the award winning medical tourism company Passport Medical, Dental Vacation Center is a name you can trust with something as precious as your health.

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