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Thomas May Testimonial | California, USA

Thomas May Testimonial | California, USA All on 4 Full Mouth Fixed Hybrid Denture – Snap on I love them like my own family now! Thomas came to us not knowing what to expect with the outcome of his treatment. He had mobility of teeth, failed bridge work, amalgam fillings that had filtration, and overall unhealthy teeth. He put his trust in the hands of out specialist and a year later, and after 2 visits to Cancun, he knew he came to the right place. Thomas was very pleased with the professionalism and the dedication to detail our specialists took on his case, and was surprised to know that our clinic had more modern equipment and technology than his dentists at home. Thomas received 12 implants, 6 on the upper maxillary and 6 on the lower mandible, not to mention the full extraction of his remaining teeth. Thomas chose to place a Fixed Hybrid Denture on his upper jaw, and use a Snap...

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Maryanne Patlack Testimonial | USA

Maryanne Patlack Testimonial | USA All on 4 Full Mouth Fixed Hybrid Denture When they my friends and family see this smile they will want to come and get one too! Maryanne came to us with severe decay and teeth mobility. After a full evaluation and discussion with the specialists about her dental goals and expectations, the decision was made to extract her remaining 18 teeth and place implants to later support fixed hybrid dentures. We were able to place 7 implants on the lower jaw and 8 on the upper. She went home with a set of temporary healing dentures while her implants integrated with her bone. Her restoration went by without any issues and she was able to leave our clinic with a changed woman.

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John Cox Testimonial | Alaska, USA

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John Cox Testimonial | Alaska, USA All on 4 Full Mouth Fixed Hybrid Denture Definitely worth it and I would recommend it to anybody. John came to us with teeth issues caused by Cancer, and shotty implant work. It took John 2 trips to Cancun to finish his treatment, which required 8 Implants on the upper maxillary, and 6 implants on the lower mandible. John arrived to us with an ill-fitting denture, failed implants, and moderate bone loss. Our specialists took on this challenge and helped change his life. John went through an Osseo integration period of 6 months while his implants healed. During this time he wore a temporary healing denture made of acrylic. On the restorative phase John returned to have the Fixed Hybrid Dentures placed on his upper and lower arches. He spent 10 days with us while our specialists and technicians worked hard to finish his case, which was not easy. The end r...

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